Commitment issues?

I think I might have commitment issues. I'm not quite sure how to define it but I'm pretty positive I am indecisive and can't stay with one thing for too long. The only consistency I know is writing this blog and working on my novels on end. I even struggle with the same profile picture for too long, grow tired of outdated blog templates, need to switch up some things in my flat to feel at ease. I don't even know if I'm the only one growing bored with some things so easily. 

Q&A: On self-publishing

Today I'm answering your questions on self-publishing that you curiously sent me all over the place when my anthology was released. Thank you lots and lots for all the support, it is truly motivating and reading back on your reviews still has my heart pumping! Anyway, here is what you were asking me about. 

Sunday Note | Boats in Windsor

This past Friday I spent on a boat on a sunny but mild evening, munching on a great buffet and drinking sparkling wine whilst having fits of laughter with my colleagues and friends and getting to know more people within the company that I never had the chance to talk to before. 


Sometimes I think I should be more careful with the way I treat myself. Too many times have I doubted whether I had deserved certain good things. And many more times I have wondered whether I deserved certain bad things. I took a while to understand and accept that it’s not about deserving. It’s about hard work, your values, passion and, well, the fact that life sometimes just gets in the way without reason. Because there’s no reason. Life is just hard and all you can do is flow with it and learn to cope in every situation.